about us

Ewa Herzog is a Berlin based fashion brand started in 2010 by Ewa Herzog, Founder and Chief Creative Officer. Her collection shows contemporary classics and luxury basics right at the time with a twist of unique couture pieces. Inspired by the women themselves, their strength and their timeless wardrobe, in which the woman finds herself confident and beautiful.


Our mission is to be more conscious and sustainable with our clothes, to create more timeless and slow fashion and to be able to re-style the clothes again and again.


"Fashion is a big part of our culture, history, economy, a part of literature and a part of what makes us human.

Fashion has a great influence on the external aspects of our life (politics, economy, social behavior, literature, history, philosophy) and also on the internal values: a translation ' Who am I and what do I show the world with what I wear'.


The woman who chooses my fashion, I do not only give quality and fair products, but I surround her with love, lightness and give her the greatest power: femininity.


I believe in energy and that we are all connected with invisible threads of energy. Every part of Ewa Herzog, should be framed in every view, not only fairness but also with good energy.


- Ewa Herzog, Founder & Chief Creative Officer




We are proud to say that our production takes place within the EU and many women are involved. We pay attention to fair working conditions and timeless collection with good quality.

Our trademark, the lace, exclusively from France. We also support women who cannot find a job because of their handicap, produce our scarves and deliver a good craft, the knit handknitted. 

Our supplier in Italy produces the sweats and timeless imitation leather parts.Bridal and couture is produced in our Berlin studio, with the highest level of tailoring and made by hand, which makes each part unique.